Letter from our CEO

Dear Traveler,

At Andante, we are driven by a passion for archaeology - an enduring fascination for people and the past. Founded 30 years ago and run by archaeologists, Andante remains unique among travel companies - putting archaeology at the heart of everything we do.

Dougga Theatre

Over the last three decades, Andante has grown to become one of the world’s leading providers of archaeological vacations. In recent years, increasing numbers of people from the USA have sought out our vacations. And no wonder, when we run almost three times as many archaeological journeys as any US-based tour operator.

From the Classical civilizations of old Europe, to the pre-Columbian temples of South America, we leave no corner of the ancient world unexplored. Every tour we offer is planned and led by renowned scholars at the forefront of their academic fields.

We pride ourselves not only on our ability to secure exclusive access to sites otherwise restricted to the public, but also on how highly we value the importance of new experiences.

With warm wishes for inspiring travels,

Jackie Willis - jackiewillis@specialistjourneys.com
Chief Executive Officer