Top Tours of the Past 10 Years: Tunisia

We're almost at the end of our Top Tours of the Past 10 Years feature, and next up is our Tunisia | The Punic Wars tour. We have three departures available for 2020, taking place in 3rd March, 3rd November and 11th November. 



Tunisia | The Punic Wars 

A land where dramatic events shaped ancient history, Tunisia is an absolute must for lovers of history and archaeology alike. This year is an especially exciting time to either visit or return to Tunisia because our tour will visit Bulla Regia with its characteristic underground houses. Elsewhere, explore the UNESCO-listed sites of Dougga and Kairouan, discover the beautifully preserved Phoenician site of Kerkouane, marvel at the grand El Djem amphitheater, and pore over ancient artifacts and mosaics at the Bardo at Sousse museums.

Departs 3rd March, 3rd November and 11th November, 2020 | From $2,600pp.

Andante Travels’ Dr. Eireann Marshall says that our Tunisia tour was her first ever, so it holds a special place in her heart:

“My first ever tour to Tunisia was my first ever visit! I would say that Tunis feels different in that there is more of an air of freedom now as there are no more posters of Ben Ali dominating the skyline. The itinerary really hasn’t changed much, but the quality of the hotels has gone down a bit as Tunisia is still in recovery. There has been a tendency to restore and reconstruct ancient sites near Tunis in order to attract tourists and this has been more visible, and the Capitolium in Oudna has grown over the years as they have rebuilt it. They seem to have a very different idea of what ancient sites should look like. The sites that are out of the way are still blissfully tourist free and wonderful – their conditions haven’t changed."