Mada'in Saleh, Al Ula
Mada'in Saleh, Al Ula

A country that has now reopened to tourists from around the world, Saudi Arabia is home to ancient architecture, time-honoured traditions and truly spectacular landscapes. From the vast sands in the Empty Quarter to the modern metropolis of Riyadh, its capital, there is simply so much to experience here.

In Saudi Arabia, you will encounter UNESCO-listed Nabatean rock-cut tombs at Hegra, you’ll gaze upon awe-inspiring rock art at Jubbah that dates back to the 10th millennium and you will discover ancient petroglyphs at Al-‘Ula. The archaeology and history waiting to be discovered in this lesser-visited destination is incredible.

While it’s important to note that any visitor with evidence of a previous trip to Israel or with a birthplace of Israel listed in their passports may be denied entry to Saudi Arabia, it is much easier to gain access now as all that is needed is a tourist visa, which can be obtained online.

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