Andante Travels

9 June 2023

I've been travelling with you for 16 years (excluding 2020) on 25 tours and never been disappointed. I've travelled with fantastic experts and seen many amazing sites. Keep doing what you do best.

Andante Travels

30 June 2023

"Addition of Special Sites" - This certainly happened on a Bay of Naples tour earlier this year - resulting in the ultimate Pompeii visit.

Andante Travels

10 July 2023

I so enjoy travelling with Andante, in the company of an expert Guide Lecturer AND a Tour Manager, who takes all the worry out of travelling. Everything is catered for from Day 1 to the end. I recommend Andante if you haven't travelled with them before.

11 May 2023

Very good; I really enjoyed every single one of the seven days in Santorini and Crete. The entire tour was extremely well organised and guides were excellent.

12 April 2023

A truly remarkable and exciting trip that just kept on giving; I didn't realise that so much of Roman Rome was indeed ‘Hidden’!