Saint-Just-et-Saint-Pasteur Cathedral in Narbonne
Saint-Just-et-Saint-Pasteur Cathedral in Narbonne

Dr Pamela Marshall

Dr Pamela Marshall

Pamela is an expert in the archaeology of standing buildings. Her interests range from the Classical to the Renaissance, but she specialises particularly in the medieval period.

A retired lecturer, she taught in the Departments of Archaeology and Continuing Education at the University of Nottingham. Her search interests covered Britain and Western France, and her work on the medieval castle is internationally recognised. She served for fourteen years as Chair of the British Castle Studies Group and also as GB representative on the Comité Permanent of Château-Gaillard, Europe’s leading Colloque on the medieval castle. In addition to teaching she carried out detailed surveys and recording work on historic buildings, including Ely Cathedral, Wollaton Hall and Newark Castle, where she also co-directed several seasons of excavation. She now acts in an advisory capacity on historic buildings and continues to pursue research, give papers and to publish. She spends part of the year in France.

Over the past 25 years she has also led dozens of archaeological and historical tours in Britain, Europe and America, originally with the University of Nottingham and then with commercial tour companies.

Her most recent publications include:
• Forthcoming 2018: ‘The Romanesque Donjon at Montbazon: a Reassessment’ in forthcoming festschrift Papers in Honour of Derek Renn ed. Neil Guy.
• 2016: ‘Some thoughts on the use of the Anglo-Norman donjon’ in Castles and the Anglo-Norman World, (ed.) John A. Davies, Angela Riley, Jean-Marie Levesque and Charlotte Lapiche, Oxbow Books, Oxford.
• 2015: ‘The Angevin donjon and its legacy in post-Conquest Britain’ in A House that Thieves Might Knock At, Tower Studies 1&2, ed. R. Oram, Shaun Tyas, Donington.

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