Dr Jacke Phillips

Dr Jacke Phillips

Dr Jacke Phillips is a specialist in the archaeology of Ethiopia, from prehistory to the medieval period. She is currently a Research and Teaching Fellow at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, where she is involved in a field project exploring the area around the famous rock cut churches of Lalibela. Jacke was previously Assistant Director of the Aksum Archaeology project, and has also worked to protect Ethiopian archaeology for future generations by raising awareness of archaeological sites and developing a public history program for schools.

Jacke’s publications include:

Phillips, J. 2004. Pre-Aksumite Aksum and its neighbors, in P. Lunde and A. Porter, Trade and Travel in the Red Sea Region. Oxford: Oxbow, British Archaeological Reports 1269, 79-85.

Asamerew, D., Cain, C., Finneran, N., Harlow, M. and Phillips, J. 2002. Combating the destruction of Ethiopia's archaeological heritage. Antiquity 76: 955-956.

Phillips, J. 1997. Punt and Aksum: Egypt and the Horn of Africa. Journal of African History 38: 423-427.

You can read about one of Jacke’s past projects online here.