Crete - Introducing the Minoans7th Oct 2025

Crete - Introducing the Minoans



An expert-led tour that traverses Crete from East to West


Inhabited since the Middle Palaeolithic, Crete became a dominant power in the Mediterranean in the 3rd millennium BCE when the people we refer to as Minoans constructed palaces on a scale not known in Europe at the time. There is a particular charm and elegance to the Minoan civilisation demonstrated through lively and free artistic impression and an obvious delight in realistic decoration with sea creatures, leaping dolphins and the bright colours of the Mediterranean World. Alongside the wonderful Minoan sites, much of the charm of the Crete we see today also stems from the influence of more than four centuries of Venetian rule which saw a flourishing in the island’s architecture and arts. This tour which traverses Crete from East to West has it all: stunning archaeology, beautiful coastal villages and towns and dramatic landscapes accompanied by the island’s wonderful cuisine.  


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    What to Expect

    • Discover the lesser-known archaeological remains of Ayia Triada and Mochlos as well as the famous Minoan Palaces 
    • Explore Aptera, the mythological setting for the battle between the Sirens and the Muses 
    • Delight in the lovely harbour town of Chania with its charming Venetian architecture 

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    Meet the group at our hotel in Chania.

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