Scenic view of Ortygia, Sicily
Scenic view of Ortygia, Sicily

Cruising the Islands of Malta, Sicily & the Aeolian Archipelago

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The crossroads of the Mediterranean

Sicily and Malta have been linked for millennia, from the Neolithic period, when Sicilians from the area near Agrigento colonised Malta, to the Roman period when they were ruled jointly; the connection between the islands is evident today - the Maltese language derives from Siculo Arabic and includes a significant percentage of Siculo-Italian loan words. In more modern times, Sicily and Malta were inexorably joined by the flawed genius, Caravaggio, who sought refuge in both locations after his murder of Ranuccio Tommasoni in Rome. Like all Mediterranean islands, Sicily and Malta were the stop-off points for many different peoples, notably Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans, all of whom left their mark on the islands. In this tour, we extend our visit of Sicily to the stunning Aeolian islands, created by the same vulcanicity which gave rise to Etna, and home to a staggeringly old and varied archaeological narrative. Just as this vibrant blending of cultures was brought about by ancient maritime trade, the best way to appreciate the kinship of these islands is by ship, retracing the routes used by people for so many centuries.

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Please note that the itinerary can be subject to change before the cruise departs or during the cruise depending on adjusted sailing times and/or any port restrictions.

Tour highlights:

  • Explore the beautiful island of Lipari with its rich archaeological finds dating from the Neolithic to the Roman periods
  • Visit the wonderful Co-Cathedral of St. John in Valletta with its staggering Caravaggio masterpieces, The Beheading of St. John the Baptist and St Jerome, painted while the tortured artist was in exile in Malta
  • Spend the day in Taormina, taking in its stunning views and archaeological remains, including the Greek theatre
  • Visit two of Europe’s most famous volcanoes: the largest, Etna, as well as the stunning eponymous island of Vulcano

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