The Etruscans23rd Sep 2024

The Etruscans



Before the rise of Rome, the Etruscans dominated much of central Italy. At the height of their power and prosperity during the 6th century BC, Etruscan influence penetrated south into the Bay of Naples and north into the Po valley. In their heartland of the Tuscan hills and seacoast mighty cities, Tarquinia, Cerveterii, Oriveto, Chiusi and others forged a league which dominated and traded with the other italic peoples, Greek colonists and Phoenician traders.

Their great cities are today either abandoned, or lost beneath the iconic medieval and renaissance towns of central Italy. But the great necropoleis, the veritable cities of the dead that the Etruscans laid out and full of monumental tumuli, house tombs and rock cut chamber tombs. Here is the source of the fantastic artefacts with which the wealthy surrounded themselves, Greek vases, Phoenician gold and glass, cunningly crafted terracotta’s, chariots and the cast bronze sculptures which were the Etruscan’s speciality.

Our guide lecturer introduces hilltop cities, spectacular finds and lavish painted tombs. This is a fascinating and alternative view of Classical Italy.


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    What to Expect

    • See the remarkable Banditaccia cemetery at Cerveteri, a true city of the dead
    • View the unique painted tombs of Tarquinia, the earliest fresco cycle in western art
    • Explore the dramatic medieval city of Orvieto – Etruscan Velzna – and its magnificent cathedral
    • Admire the incomparable collections of Etruscan artefacts in the Villa Giulia Museum in Rome

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    Etruscan painted burial chamber, tomb of the Leopards, Tarquinia

    Day by Day Itinerary

    Colle di Val d'Elsa

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