Activity Level

Activity Level

How active are Andante’s tours?

We have a simple grading system in place to help you decide whether or not a tour is suitable for you. It is based on a variety of components that make up each tour, from terrain and distance walked each day to the number of hotel changes, and from the average length of each day’s activities to how long you’ll spend travelling between sites.

Activity Level 1 – Gentle

A tour that is determined as gentle will have a relaxed pace, with little walking and less exertion where travel and day length are concerned.

Activity Level 2 – Light

On light tours, anticipate mild walking with a mostly relaxed pace. There will be more visits and travelling than on our gentle tours, but not by much.

Activity Level 3 – Moderate

A decent level of fitness is required for our moderate tours. There could be walking between sites, more standing and more travelling to encounter.

Activity Level 4 – Active

If you choose an active tour, come prepared for longer days – and ones that fit more in. More walking, bigger distances covered and more energy!

Activity Level 5 – Challenging

For challenging tours, you’ll need to be physically fit. Days could include long drives, hikes and multiple visits, meaning they’ll be lengthy and tiring.

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