Peruvian handicrafts
Peruvian handicrafts

Introducing our brand new Cultural Journeys range

It’s a big world out there and with so much to explore in every destination, where do you start? At Andante Travels, we have created a range of culturally rich tours, which include iconic archaeological sites and also introduce you to the authentic heart of a destination – through encounters with local people, a chance to sample local food and drink, opportunities to observe wildlife, and time to explore many off-the-beaten-track gems

Creating memorable moments are at the heart of these tours; sunrise over the Himalayas? Sharing a drink and conversation with locals? Walking in the footsteps of kings and queens, dynasties, warriors, and travellers before you? Come and join us to experience yours.

Destinations & Highlights

Greenland & Iceland

Boat trip to the Eqi glacier, invitation into Greenlanders' homes for coffee and cake, bathe in secret hot springs, chase the elusive northern lights, visit to the Fri∂heimar greenhouse for a cookery demonstration and lunch, Westman Islands excursion, see how bread is baked in underground geothermal pits, and explore Þingvellir National Park.


Tour Lima's Larco Museum with its curator, visit a weavers' workshop, explore the archaeological site of Moray, discover Machu Picchu and watch a ritual performed by a local shaman, visit the Inkaterra Spectacled Bear Project, visit a tea plantation and make your own tea, observe the Inca Fortress of Sacsayhuaman, and take a boat to the floating islands of Uros to meet their inhabitants.

Costa Rica

Travel alongside Wanderlust's Top Conservation Guide of 2019 Johnny Villalobos, visit one of the world's five Blue Zones and meet its citizens, sample craft beers on a brewery tour, spot endemic wildlife in the Tortuguero National Park, enjoy a chocolate tasting experience, take part in a traditional pottery workshop, and meet a descendant of one of Tortuguero's very first settlers.


Gaze upon the Christ the Redeemer statue, take part in a cachaça tasting and workshop, indulge in an authentic cookery class where you learn to make a traditional dish, learn about the Rio Carnival (our 2021 departure includes tickets to the Champion's Parade, which is not to be missed), take a cable car up Sugarloaf Mountain and stop halfway down for cocktails with a sunset view, visit the Iguazu Falls, learn to samba at a dance class, and visit the TAMAR Project with its turtles and sharks.


Visit Umayyad Palace, enjoy a Jordanian wine-tasting experience, trek through the Ajloun Nature Reserve, encounter traditional live music during a visit to Kan Zaman village, visit a local women's centre where handicrafts and ceramics are produced, spend the night under the Wadi Rum desert stars in martian dome tents, take a Jeep safari through Wadi Rum, visit the lesser-known Little Petra, learn to cook an authentic recipe at the Petra Kitchen, experience a memorable visit to Petra by candlelight, visit a farm to learn about local produce, explore the Dana Biosphere Reserve, and float in the Dead Sea.


Pay a visit to the incredible Terracotta Warriors, visit the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven, see giant pandas at the Chengdu research base, walk through the atmospheric bamboo forest of Mukeng Village, learn tai chi and the art of Chinese ink brush painting, enjoy a calligraphy lesson, take a toboggan ride down the Great Wall, watch a performance of Sichuan opera, enjoy an evening of Tang Dynasty music, have a private visit to the Xi'an Antiques Research and Protection Institute in the company of an expert, ascend Mount Huangshan and descend via cable car, and explore a core production area of green tea and pick some yourself.


Visit Bangla Sahib Gurudwara to see the afternoon 'langar' in action, take part in a Patangbazi (kite-flying) session from the terrace of a vintage hotel, stop at the Palace of the Winds, visit the astronomical observatory of Jantar Mantar, spend time with Project Tiger and enjoy a safari where it might be possible to spot these majestic animals in the wild, enjoy an encounter with a local family to learn about life in the region, pay a sunrise visit to the Taj Mahal, and explore Elephanta Island with its ancient cave temples. 


Gain an introduction to Tibetan Thangka painting at a workshop, visit the UNESCO-listed Royal Chitwan National Park, enjoy a jungle safari by water along the Narayani River, watch a performance of a typical Tharu cultural dance, take an early morning nature walk to spot birds, visit a local Tharu village to meet indigenous people and learn about their life and culture, discover the Gurkha Museum, and take part in a rejuvenating yoga class led by a master instructor in this practice's spiritual home.


Discover the ancient fortress of King Herod in Masada, observe modern Israeli street art and graffiti on a walking tour, spend time with both a Druze community and Jewish family to learn more about their way of life and culture, float in the Dead Sea, explore the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, sample excellent wines at the Golan Winery, enjoy a culinary tour in Nazareth, try your hand at making delicious shakshuka, and wander around the modern Sarona Market.