Tempietto Longobardo
Tempietto Longobardo

Top Tours of the Past 10 Years: Ravenna & Aquileia

The next tour in our Top Tours of the Past 10 Years series is Ravenna & Aquileia. This is a mosaic-filled Italian escape that covers archaeology, religious history and architecture. There are three departures to choose from in 2020: the 20th April, 25th May and 2nd November. 

Ravenna & Aquileia

One for the mosaic lovers among us, our Ravenna and Aquileia tour offers more than just archaeological highlights. In AD 402, the Roman Imperial court fled from Rome to Ravenna and, for a period, this was the political centre of what remained of the Western Empire. The result? An astonishing flowering of art and architecture created in the dying days of the Empire. To this day, the city’s numerous churches and palaces remain resplendent with shimmering mosaics. You’ll enjoy special access to the mausoleum of Galla Placidia, there will be a visit to the medieval monastery at Pomposa to see its 14th century frescoes and you’ll marvel at the 4th century mosaic floor of the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta in Aquileia.

Departs 20th April, 25th May and 2nd November, 2020 | From $3,180pp.

Dr. Eireann Marshall reveals that the itinerary for 2020 is almost identical to the 2010 version:

“This tour has largely remained the same; it is a two-hotel tour as it always has been, and the combination of Aquileia and Ravenna has remained the same. There have been some small changes, the most important of which is the special private evening visit to San Vitale and Galla Placidia. The opening of the Roman port at Classe and the new site museum here has also been a welcome improvement.”

Oliver Gilkes added: “An exciting exploration of the transformation of the Roman world. Nothing has really changed in this tour, it has been so popular and works so well. The only things that are new are the opening of the mosaic exhibit TAMO, or the new museum of the harbour at Classis Ravenna. The tour’s longevity is due to the fact that it is on all the bucket lists – the mosaics in the churches make sure of that.”

Which departure suits you?

Travel in April, May or November on this tour, which is led by a different guide depending on the date you pick. Professor Tony King leads the April departure, Wanderlust's Top History & Culture Guide of 2019 Dr. Eireann Marshall will head up the May tour, and Oliver Gilkes will lead the November date. Click here for the full itinerary or to book.