Soleb Temple
Soleb Temple

Sudan, Africa’s third-largest country, is located in northeast Africa, bordering Egypt to the North and the Red Sea to the east.

Sudan has a tumultuous recent past, but a varied and rich history that spans millennia. It’s an incredibly memorable place to visit, and you definitely get to visit tourist attractions away from the crowds. Sudan has more pyramids than Egypt and Meroe alone has more than 200 of them. The UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Jebel Barkal and Meroe are testament to the ancient civilisation that existed and flourished only in this region, and their sites are in areas of desert untouched by mankind for thousands of years. The experience of visiting here is immersive and intimate, and is completely uninterrupted by vendors, massing crowds or inauthentic gift shops.

In Sudan, it is completely possible to travel individually or in small groups and to be the only people visiting vast ancient sites that have been sitting in deserts untouched for centuries. 

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