Dr Bill Manley

Dr Bill Manley

Dr Bill Manley is a best-selling author and expert on the Ancient Egyptian language, currently working with a major archaeological survey on the West Bank at Luxor. He taught Egyptology and Coptic at the Universities of Glasgow, Liverpool and London; was Senior Curator for Ancient Egypt at National Museums Scotland; and has worked and travelled extensively in Egypt. These days he is Co-director of Complutense Egyptology (a university-based research group in Madrid) and Honorary President of Egyptology Scotland. Bill’s best-known books include How To Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Egyptian Hieroglyphs for Complete Beginners, and Egyptian Art in the prestigious World of Art Series; and he has spoken at many international book festivals, including The Sunday Times Literary Festival. Bill’s latest book, The Oldest Book in the World. Philosophy in the Age of the Pyramids, was published in 2023 and received five-star reviews, including from The Wall Street Journal.

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