Dr Nick Summerton

Dr Nick Summerton

Nick is a retired general practitioner, clinical academic and public health physician with longstanding interests in Roman Britain, Roman Numismatics and Roman Medicine. Having graduated in medicine in 1984 he was awarded a medical doctorate from Oxford in 2002 based on a programme of diagnostic research. He has an extensive publication record and is the author of six books – two of which focus on Roman Medicine. His latest book `Greco-Roman Medicine and What It Can Teach Us Today` has been very well received and he is currently working on `Roman Emperors and their Illnesses: Healthcare in Ancient Rome`. He is also an honorary senior lecturer at the Hull-York Medical School and a doctoral student (Roman Medical History & Retrospective Diagnosis) at Durham. Nick leads regular tours of the civilian and military Roman sites within Yorkshire and continues to excavate both in East Yorkshire and Gloucestershire. He also delivers talks, workshops and demonstrations on various aspects of Greco-Roman Medicine to a variety of audiences across the UK assisting by his growing collection of facsimiles.

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