Francois Desset

Francois Desset

Francois Desset is a French archaeologist specialising in Near Eastern Archaeology and a research fellow in CNRS team Archéorient . He got his Ph.D from the Sorbonne in 2011 and has been living in Iran since 2014 where he teaches Bronze Age archaeology in Tehran University. He has been committed for several years to the archaeological project of the Halil Rud valley (Jiroft), and currently works on Bronze Age Iran and the undeciphered Iranian writing systems, such as Proto-Elamite, Linear-Elamite or the newly found Geometric writing system. He also worked in Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Russia. He speaks fluent Persian and English and is learning to play a traditional Iranian musical instrument, the setar. He is also the head of a non-profit association, EX ORIENTE LUX, funding archaeological research in the Near East in general, and in Iran in particular, by helping specific projects to be realized.

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