Bletchley Park clock tower
Bletchley Park clock tower

Deception: Double Agents & D-Day at Bletchley Park

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A large measure of D-Day’s success in June 1944 was through the work of brave men and women who were Double Agents. The most successful were ‘walk ins’ as the spy community calls them – they volunteered to spy for Britain and the Allies, whilst also pretending to be German agents.

This Study Day will explore the huge success of deception, the identity of the best agents and why their work really mattered. In the 80 years since the planning for D-Day started, we have grown to understand their vital role. Paul’s lectures will include snippets of personal information about the agents not found in the history books.

Paul Beaver will lead us through the programme with particular attention to the personalities of the Double Agents who would have made James Bond look a bit pedestrian. There will be plenty of time for discussion and, of course, there will be a guided tour of Bletchley Park, the hub of the deception operations.

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