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In Wroxeter

Wroxeter (Viroconium Cornoviorum) – the fourth largest city in Roman Britain and the capital of the Cornovii tribe - is one of Britain`s best preserved but least known archaeological sites. A massive structure, known as the `Old Work` - marking the entrance into the main baths from the exercise hall - still stands over seven metres high.

In addition to the bathing complex, market hall and forum this tour will include a visit to a beautifully reconstructed Roman house and the recently re-vamped on-site museum. We will also see columns and building blocks from the Roman public buldings that have been incorporated into Wroxeter`s church.

Eye problems were a particular problem across the Roman Empire and Wroxeter was probably a centre for the treatment of eye diseases. A walk around the visible remains of the Viroconium is also a great opportunity to learn more about the Roman approach to health and wellbeing….and what this can still teach us today.

During the day we will be based in the `Roman Room` at the splendid Wroxeter Hotel for talks, discussions and the afternoon practical session. From here it is a gentle 8-minute flat walk to the main site and 3 minutes to the church.

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Dr Nick Summerton

Andante Guide Lecturer

Nick is a retired general practitioner, clinical academic and public health physician with longstanding interests in Roman Britain, Roman Numismatics and Roman Medicine.

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