Ben Kane

Ben Kane

Featured in the Sunday Times’ bestseller lists many times, Ben Kane’s fantastic range of books have sold over 1 million copies worldwide.

Ben Kane was born in Kenya, but is Irish by blood and now lives in the UK. His international life influenced his passion for world history, which in turn caused him to change careers from veterinary medicine to writing, and has taken him to over 60 countries as well as all seven continents. During his travels and in his subsequent research, which saw him walk hundreds of miles dressed as a legionary, he learned much about the Romans and the way they lived. In 2016, Bristol University recognised the research in his novels with an honorary doctorate of letters. 

He regularly features in the Sunday Times' bestseller lists, his books have been published in no fewer than 12 languages, and over one million copies have been sold worldwide. Ben lives in Somerset with his wife and children, where he writes full time. His books include:

The Clash of Empires series

The Eagles of Rome series

The Hannibal and Rome series

Spartacus. Slave. Warrior. Hero.

The Forgotten Legion Trilogy

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