Land of the Eagles 


Geographically, and for 50 years culturally isolated during the post-war Stalinist regime, Albania is unlike any other country in Europe. Homeric landscapes, for the most part undisturbed by modern life, hold ruinous Classical cities which once vied in splendour with their neighbours in Greece and Italy. Greek coastal colonisation provided new stimulus to the native population, and recent excavations of their Illyrian hilltop cities, such as Byllis, have revealed the successful absorption of Hellenistic architectural ideas in their planned layout.  


Albania holds an array of splendours set in a dramatic scenery of mountains, deep blue seas and wide plains but perhaps the most important element of this tour is Oliver Gilkes, who started working here just after the fall of the old regime. During his 30 years excavating in this fascinating country, he has witnessed at first-hand how Albania has struggled to assert its new-found freedom. His observations add interest and depth to our study of this land in ancient times. Having trained many Albanian students on the dig at Butrint, he is a well-known and well-loved figure here and the best guide to the archaeology of this country. 


9 Days


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  • What to Expect

    • Insert bUncover a story of the discovery of 2,000 years of untouched archaeological heritage 
    • Spend a full day at the World Heritage Site of Butrint 
    • Enjoy fantastic scenery, mountains, valleys and the dramatic Albanian Riviera 
    • Join Oliver Gilkes, a well-known and well-loved figure, having trained many Albanian students and the best guide to the archaeology of this country 

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