Albania, Montenegro & Kosovo

Albania, Montenegro & Kosovo


View the excavations of the Roman City of Ulpiana

Travel from the shores of the Adriatic high up into the Albanian mountains, through soaring Montenegro and on into the plains of Kosovo. Journey through ancient coastal cities, and wild landscapes, to discover Ottoman mosques jostling for space along the narrow streets. The region hosts a swathe of little-known archaeological sites that will delight even the worldliest of travellers. Join us as we trace the diverse civilisations who have left their mark, from Illyrians, to Romans, Ottomans and the Albanians.


9 Days


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What to Expect

  • Visit the excavations of the Roman city of Ulpiana
  • See the stunning painted monasteries in Kosovo, the creation of the great Serbian kings of the 13th and 14th centuries
  • Witness the sublime Bay of Kotor with the towering castle of St. John, and the idyllic Adriatic Coast
  • Enjoy a spectacular voyage along the Black Drin one of the great river journeys of the world
Rozafa Castle

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