Archaeology in the Heart of Italy

Archaeology in the Heart of Italy


Etruscans, Romans and cultural transformation in Umbria and Lazio

On this tour, we explore the historical wonders of Umbria and Lazio, in what is geographically and historically the heart of Italy. Based in one hotel, in the beautiful city of Viterbo, we explore famous sites, as well as those with are less known and off the beaten track. In this epicentre of Italy, we will explore the different peoples who lived here and how they were transformed first by Etruscans and later by Romans who dominated them culturally. We will be exploring Latin and Faliscan sites, such as Sutri and Falerii Novii, which first came under the influence of Etruscans and were later transformed by Rome. Likewise, we will be exploring Etruscan sites at Vulci and Volsinii, today’s Orvieto, which metamorphosed in the period of Roman dominance. In many of the sites, we will also be exploring the evolution of the cities after the Roman period, when ancient monuments were used to build medieval abbeys and churches. By mapping the historical changes which occurred in these precious archaeological sites, we are exploring the heart of what it was to be Roman or Etruscan. In asking these questions, our visits will take us to indescribably beautiful hill top cities, such as Orvieto and Narni, with their medieval cores and Renaissance treasures.


8 Days


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What to Expect

  • Explore the well-preserved site of Vulci, with its Etruscan tombs, Roman monuments and medieval abbey
  • Examine Sutri with its amphitheatre, unique mithraeum and medieval Templar church built amidst the ruins of the ancient city
  • Consider the important Etruscan remains in the beautiful city of Orvieto with its precious medieval cathedral
  • Visit the important National Etruscan Archaeological Museum and the Palace of Popes in the amazing city of Viterbo
Viterbo, Italy - A sunday morning in the medieval city of the Lazio region, district named San Pellegrino

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