Brittany - Carnac and Beyond2nd Sep 2024

Brittany - Carnac and Beyond



Brittany offers a prehistoric landscape filled with some of the greatest Megalithic monuments in the world, from standing stones to chambered tombs – and many with fine carvings. Explore carefully-built passage graves, where incised depictions of axes and bows mark the resting places of a selected few of the wider Neolithic population. Based in just one hotel in Carnac, this tour offers memorable insights into the rites and rituals of our Stone Age ancestors, as well as a chance to soak up the unique Breton atmosphere. An entire day is dedicated to visiting Carnac, where stone rows writhe across the heather-clad countryside and stand in woodland wreathed in ivy and moss. Here, we encounter the world’s largest assemblage of Megalithic sites with over 3,000 standing stones, erected during the Neolithic in alignments, and also a variety of dolmens. On the island of Gavrinis, we discover a well-preserved tomb with decorated slabs in its passage, showing geometric patterns that help relate it to the Irish monuments of Newgrange and Knowth.


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    What to Expect

    • Come face to face with a selection of fascinating passage graves, chambered tombs and polished axes
    • Devote an entire day to wandering among the many monuments of Carnac
    • Take a ferry to the island of Gavrinis to visit its famous and elaborately decorated passage tomb
    • Enjoy the beauty of the glorious French countryside with its hills, heather and beaches
    Lamor Baden

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    Hotel evening of day 100:00

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    Day by Day Itinerary


    Arrive in France and meet the group at our hotel in Carnac, where we will be staying for all six nights.

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