Egypt - Highlights & Discoveries24th Sep 2024

Egypt - Highlights & Discoveries



The archaeology of ancient Egypt is one of the most instantly recognisable of all the great civilisations. This is a narrative of power, vision and ambition. The monuments of Egypt are much more than dry and dusty stones – through the real expertise of our Guide Lecturers, we ‘meet’ the real ancient Egyptians: from legendary pharaohs to the humble workers, who built their tombs and palaces.

Our adventure starts in Cairo then on to Luxor, followed by a Nile cruise to Aswan. The grand finale of this journey will be our visit to Egypt’s most impressive temple site, Abu Simbel.


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    What to Expect

    • Enjoy access to both the grand gallery and royal burial chamber of the Great Pyramid of Khufu
    • Discover the impressive temple site of Abu Simbel, which is a real highlight of our tour
    • Experience the delights of cruising the Nile while pausing to visit the beautifully preserved temples of Upper Egypt
    • Explore the enigmatic Valleys of the Kings & Queens and pay a visit to the exceptionally preserved tomb of Nefertari

    Day by Day Itinerary


    Meet the group at our hotel in Cairo; the buzzing, energetic, metropolis that is Egypt’s extraordinary capital – a city that Egyptians admiringly refer to as ‘the Mother of the World’.


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