Egypt - New Museums & Discoveries

Egypt - New Museums & Discoveries


Explore recently excavated tombs and new museums in Cairo and Alexandria


Archaeology in Egypt is seeing another Golden Age, this time led by local Egyptians themselves. With new technology and work undertaken in the last 10 years, countless projects are coming to fruition revealing often surprising detail about the ancient Egyptians and how they lived from engineering ingenuity to insights into their beliefs. It is clear that Ancient Egypt is not done giving up her secrets. Alongside these remarkable discoveries, the redesign and modernisation of existing museums, together with the creation of regional museums, means that many precious artefacts which have been languishing in a basement, some as far back as the Victorian age, are now on display.


This tour focuses on these new discoveries from the recently excavated tombs in Saqqara to the newly renovated Greco Romano Museum in Alexandria and the long-awaited, much anticipated brand new Grand Egyptian Museum at Giza. Returning to these sites in the engaging company of our experienced excavators and Egyptologists is a treat not to be missed.


7 Days


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  • What to Expect

    • Visit the long-awaited and much anticipated Grand Egyptian Museum at Giza
    • In expert company explore the Imhotep Museum at Saqqara and Greco Roman Museum in Alexandra both recently opened
    • New tomb discoveries in Saqqara including the Tomb of Mehu and the Tomb of Maia
    • Spend two days in Alexandria; the capital of the Ptolemies, one of the greatest cities of the Hellenistic and Roman world

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