FAPA - Tunisia Pilgrimage Tour

FAPA - Tunisia Pilgrimage Tour


Tunisia is a land where dramatic events shaped ancient history - the superpowers of Carthage and Rome clashed in three Punic Wars which determined the course of Western history. Lasting more than 100 years, the conflict ultimately resulted in the destruction of Carthage and assured Roman ascendancy. Later, Christian intellectual giants, such as Tertullian, Cyprian and Augustine, wrote extensively from a renewed Carthage to promote the Christian faith and godly discipleship. Join us to explore the ruins of the Roman era in the beautiful, verdant North African countryside. Travel from the ruins of Carthage itself to the magnificent Roman cities and monuments of Roman Tunisia: the amphitheatre at El Djem, the beautiful, remote site of Dougga and vast intricate mosaics. During our tour we will visit the stunning cliff-top village of Sidi Bou Said and spend a full day with the Anglican/Episcopal church members of St. George’s, Tunis.


This private tour has been arranged for Friends of the Anglican Province of Alexandria supporting Anglican/Episcopal Churches in Egypt, North Africa, the Horn of Africa and Gambella. The Church across the 10 countries of the Province is thriving and growing, despite the many challenges within the region. Faithful, prayerful support is an important factor. FAPA’s mission is to help the Province realise its goals through prayer and financial support, and by sending people to serve and encourage the four dioceses.


9 Days


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What to Expect

  • Explore the UNESCO-listed sites of Dougga and Kairouan, and visit the cliff-top village of Sidi Bou Said
  • Marvel at the grand amphitheatre at El Djem, Africa’s largest and best preserved, which was originally designed to seat up to 35,000 spectators and boasts underground service rooms
  • Admire some of the best mosaics in the world at the Bardo, Sousse and El Djem museums
  • Reflect on the North African heroes of Christianity and their contribution to the wider church’s intellectual and theological growth
  • Spend a day with St. George’s church, Tunis meeting Revd Frank Bernardi and church members, hearing their stories and the ministry opportunities.


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