Guatemala, Honduras & Belize12th Feb 2025

Guatemala, Honduras & Belize



Explore the magnificent civilisation of the Maya


The juxtaposition of extreme cruelty and high cultural sophistication in the Maya world takes modern visitors by surprise but this enduring mystery of a magnificent civilisation, compounded by exotic jungle surroundings, make for a thrilling ‘page-turner’ of a tour. We now have intricate details of the lives, politics, religious rituals and wars of the all-powerful and colourful figures who were the Mayan aristocracy. A vivid picture has emerged of competitive city-states headed by aggressive dynasts regularly at war, with blood-letting and human sacrifice at the centre of their religious practice.


Much of Central America is still covered in lush rainforests as it would have been in most of the Maya period. This makes it easier to imagine the lives of these fascinating people as we venture through the jungle, listening out for the roar of howler monkeys high in the canopy and looking for the flash of brilliant colour that denotes macaws darting among the branches. Here, we are in a land of quetzal birds and jaguars, of volcanoes, lakes and waterfalls. 


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    What to Expect

    ·        At daybreak, walk among Tikal’s magnificent ancient temples and climb their steps as the sun rises over the horizon

    ·        Observe endemic wildlife, from howler monkeys to macaws and eagles

    ·        Tour the well-preserved buildings of Antigua, a UNESCO-listed city that was largely destroyed by an earthquake in 1773

    ·    Discover the Mayan culture amongst the quiet villages and spectacular scenery of the Guatemalan mountains 

    Day by Day Itinerary

    Antigua Guatemala

    Meet the group at our hotel in Antigua Guatemala and enjoy dinner together.

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