Highlights of the Viking Homelands5th Sep 2025

Highlights of the Viking Homelands



Denmark, Norway & Sweden

The Vikings were the greatest seafarers, raiders, and traders of the Early Middle Ages. Far from being a race of unwashed barbarians, they presided over a trading network which extended from Greenland to Baghdad. They fought with swords forged from Afghan steel, imported silk from China, reached the coast of North America and sent mercenaries to Constantinople. Following in the Viking’s footsteps, we make our own epic voyage across Denmark into Norway and culminating in Sweden. We seek out trading towns, treasures, kings, and longships and trace the rise of this great civilization whose skill and daring inspired awe and terror.


11 Days



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What to Expect

  • Visit Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm, Scandinavia’s fascinating capital cities
  • View the famous Viking longships at Roskilde, the best-preserved collection in Scandinavia
  • Sail through the Kattegat and the Skagerrak straits connecting the Baltic and North Seas
  • Enjoy the UNESCO listed archaeological site of Birka, just a boat ride away from vibrant Stockholm

Day by Day Itinerary

Copenhagen - Odense

Meet the group at Copenhagen airport or at our hotel in Odense.

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