Moorish Wonders of Guadalquivir & Guadiana

Moorish Wonders of Guadalquivir & Guadiana


Exploring Andalucia and the Algarve on a cruise

Called the Baetis in the Roman period, the Guadalquivir is the most important river in Spain, not just because it is the country’s only navigable river but because it flows through Andalucia, the heartbeat of Iberian history. The current name of the river derives from the Arabic wadi al kabir, or great river, bestowed on it by the Moors who settled in the area from the 8th century onwards. The river acted as a conduit of trade and culture over millennia of history, allowing great cities to flourish in the magnificent epochs which graced Andalucia. Originating in the mountains of the Jaen province, the Guadalquivir empties itself in the Gulf of Cadiz, through a plethora of cities which forged Spanish history, including those that were the homeland of Roman emperors and others which reached their peak when the region was known as Al Andalus. The Guadiana, in turn, meets the Guadalquivir at the Gulf of Cadiz, thereby linking the historically rich Andalucia with the Algarve. The name of the Guadiana, a conflation of the Arabic for river and Latin for duck, provides unwitting evidence of the wealth of the region’s history. This cruise allows you to explore the richness of Iberian history while meandering up two important rivers which allowed it to happen. You will travel back as far as the Phoenicians, who founded both Cadiz, as well as the lesser-known city of Huelva, and will admire the wonderful site of Italica, which is famed not only for its remains but for its giving rise to the emperors Trajan and Hadrian. We will also explore the great Moorish cities of Seville, Cordoba and Granada to consider the period in which the rich cities of Andalucia were at the forefront of science and culture.

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8 Days


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  • What to Expect

    • Admire the Alhambra dubbed by Arabic poets ‘the pearl set in emeralds’ and unique example of Moorish architecture transformed into a Renaissance palace in the 16th century
    • Explore Italica, the oldest Roman city outside of Italy, and home to stunningly preserved remains unencumbered by later periods
    • Examine the historic remains of Cadiz, including its extraordinary Phoenician and Roman remains
    • Visit the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba, a colourful blend of Islamic and Renaissance architecture

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