Romans & Gauls

Romans & Gauls


From Alesia to Lugundunum

Join us in Burgundy, the gorgeous French region served by the conjoining Rhône and Saône. This is a region where two great French passions collide: wine and food. Aside from its gastronomic pedigree, however, amidst its mustard field dotted rolling green hills, we find cobbled Medieval streets, glorious Gallo-Roman and Celtic antiquity and some of the most important Western churches and monasteries of the Middle Ages. This territory was right in the heart of Gaul, and it is here at Alesia, that Julius Caesar finally conquered his Gallic opponents. A statue of Vercingetorix, the Celts’ supreme commander, symbolizes the extinction of the Celts’ independence and marks the place where France was born or at least conceived.


8 Days


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  • What to Expect

    • Discover the hidden gems of Autun and Vienne including the best -preserved Roman temple in France
    • View the wonderful collections of the Museé Gallo Roman in Lyon
    • Gain new understanding of one of Rome’s formidable adversaries: the Gauls
    Temple of Augustus and Livia in Vienne

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