Ancient Treasures of Greece
Ancient Treasures of Greece

Ancient Treasures of Greece with World History Encyclopedia

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Gods, Heroes, Monsters and Kings

The stories and legends, customs and politics of the ancient Greek world continue to echo through the ages. How did a rowdy group of rival kingdoms dominate the Aegean for so many centuries? On this journey of discovery, we explore classical Athens, a city whose golden age led to astonishing advances in art, philosophy, science, and politics; take a pilgrimage to Delphi where we encounter the cult of Apollo; cross the Gulf of Corinth and travel into the Peloponnesian hills where hero Hercules began his twelve tasks and King Agamemnon set out to rescue Helen and capture Troy.

This in-depth exploration covers all of the ‘greatest hits’ of the Greek world – gods, heroes, monsters, and kings from Achilles’ heel to Herculean struggle.

Every booking of this tour financially supports World History Encyclopedia, a British-Canadian non-profit organization publishing the world's most read history encyclopedia. Its mission is to engage people with cultural heritage and to improve history education worldwide. Learn more about World History Encyclopedia at


Tour highlights:

  • This journey exclusively designed for World History Encyclopaedia includes little-visited sites Thebes, Tiryns, and Corinth (with a talk by retired Site Director, Guy Sanders at Corinth)
  • Appreciate the most important collection of ancient Greek art at the exceptional National Archaeological Museum of Athens
  • Explore the famous citadel of Mycenae and see the Lion Gate, the grave circles and the Treasure of Atreus

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