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Following a golden age for Bulgarian archaeology, Bulgaria is now one of the culturally richest countries in Europe. Hidden in the hills and forests are some of the oldest Neolithic settlements, Thracian tombs, and exuberantly painted medieval churches. Sitting on the edge of Europe, Bulgaria is located at the apex of once great civilisations. This sought-after land was invaded from all sides – Philip of Macedon and Roman Emperor Trajan came up from the west and founded cities here. The East sent armies of Byzantine traders and Ottoman raiders, each leaving their unmistakable marks. 

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  • From the Neolithic houses of Stara Zagora and the sites in Roman Plovdiv, to the exuberantly painted churches high in the Rila mountains – be surprised by Bulgaria
  • Visit no fewer than six UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Encounter spectacularly varied history and landscapes alike, all introduced by a Bulgarian archaeologist who has personally excavated all over the country
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