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Carthage lingered on in the imaginations of Roman writers as ancient foes long after Rome famously sacked the city in 146 BC. Virgil intertwined the stories of Dido and Aeneas in his epic in order to include the narrative of the enmity between Carthage and Rome in his account of the foundation of Rome. In reality, Carthage thrived under the Roman empire, becoming the second biggest city in the empire after Rome. This tour explores the varied history of Carthage through its remains, taking you to the haunting remains of Hannibal’s city, as well as the splendid remains of the Antonine Baths, the largest baths in the Roman empire outside of Rome. The partially excavated towns and cities of Carthaginian and Roman Tunisia are world famous. Many are in a remarkable state of preservation and stand in dramatic or deserted surroundings so you can still walk the streets and gaze up at the imposing monuments which once proclaimed the power of Rome.

Tour highlights:

  • Visit the site of Punic Carthage to consider the Punic Wars and what could have been
  • Explore the world class Bardo Museum famous for its splendid collection of North African mosaics
  • Admire the imposing remains of the amphitheatre of El Jem, one of the largest in the Roman empire
  • Explore Dougga, the UNESCO listed Numidian/Roman town which is remarkably well preserved
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  • Expert Guide Lecturer
  • Professional Tour Manager
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  • All taxes & gratuities
  • Accommodation
  • Meals as per the itinerary, tea or coffee with dinner
  • Local travel aboard a private air-conditioned coach
  • Field notes
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