Italy boasts an impressive array of 53 cultural World Heritage Sites and 31 tentative World Heritage Sites, offering a staggering variety of cultural remains. The landscape itself is a tapestry of natural beauty and historical significance, from the white-tipped peaks of the Dolomites to the lush orange groves at the foot of Mount Etna. This unique blend of natural and cultural heritage provides a profound insight into our shared past.

Highlights of Our Escorted Tours of Italy

1. Rome – The Eternal City:
Rome, the heart of the ancient Roman Empire, is a must-see for any first-time visitor. Our tours cover its iconic archaeological hotspots, offering a deep dive into the city that once ruled a third of the world’s population.

2. Southern Italy – Magna Graecia:
Southern Italy, known as Magna Graecia in ancient times, was one of the most affluent parts of ancient Greece. This region is home to some of the most impressive Greek temples and Norman castles, reflecting its rich and varied history.

3. Sicily and Sardinia:
The islands of Sicily and Sardinia are cultural havens, blessed with extraordinary Neolithic and Bronze Age sites, as well as Phoenician settlements. Their strategic location made them central to trade and cultural exchanges throughout history.

4. Pompeii and the Bay of Naples:
For returning travelers, the Bay of Naples offers an ever-evolving historical experience. With newly excavated houses and ongoing discoveries, sites like Pompeii remain as captivating as ever.

5. Ravenna:
Admire the spectacular mosaics in Ravenna or visit the ancient Sassi di Matera in the south, where you’ll find incredible troglodyte rock-cut cave dwellings.

Why Choose Our Escorted Tours of Italy?

Our Italy tours are among our most popular, and it’s easy to see why. The combination of world-class sites, stunning landscapes, and our expert-led itineraries ensures a truly enriching experience. Whether you are a first-time visitor or a returning traveller, our tours offer unique and innovative itineraries that are often imitated but never matched.

Our Italy Tours


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