Lofoten, Norway
Lofoten, Norway

From its dramatic fjords to its photogenic red cabins, Norway might not be the first destination that springs to mind when one considers an archaeological tour. However, travel to the northern coast of the country, into the Arctic Circle, and discover a world of fascinating rock art in the town of Alta. Here, thousands of paintings and engravings from prehistoric times can be discovered, and Alta is also home to Northern Europe’s biggest concentration of rock art created by hunter-gatherers – a contributing factor to its UNESCO status. 

Elsewhere, this country boasts some truly breathtaking landscapes, many of which are completely unspoilt and which provide habitats for Norway’s rich wildlife. For nature lovers and fans of the great outdoors alike, Norway is a fabulous destination due to its opportunities for water activities, hiking and wildlife-spotting.

Move into Norway’s cities, such as Olso, Bergen and Alesund, and not only will you find them filled with great museums, vibrant culture and restaurants that frequently top lists, the Scandinavian sophistication is ever present where interior design is concerned. 

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