Moscow Kremlin
Moscow Kremlin

Russia is the largest country in the world. It spans northern Asia, and eastern Europe, and its culture and heritage reflects this. The arts, religion and history are abundant within Russia.

While Russia looms large on our current political landscape, it has also earned its place among our cultural landscapes. The palaces and kremlins of Russia boast detailed sumptuous architecture, famous masterpieces, and fantastical furniture and fittings. Monasteries and cathedrals date back to the middle ages, and hold the tombs of geniuses like Tchaikovsky or Glinka.

There is a dark and interesting history to explore – rulers, revolutions and wars galore, but also the stories of some of the world’s greatest writers, artists, poets, and architects. From ancient history and prehistoric sites, to cold war tourism and ballet – and even to chess masters – Russia can both intrigue and enchant in equal measures.

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