Sodermalm district of Stockholm, Sweden
Sodermalm district of Stockholm, Sweden

Located on the Scandinavian Peninsula in northern Europe, Sweden is a destination for the design-conscious, the natural world lover and the archaeological enthusiast alike. Among this country, we find a museum housing the preserved 17th century Vasa warship, incredible castles with rich histories and the famous site of Gamla Uppsala with its royal mounds, alongside impressive coastal landscapes and countless examples of enviable interior design.

Where archaeology is concerned, the rock carvings in Tanum, located in the northern part of Bohuslän province in western Sweden, are a must-visit for any tourist to the area. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to some 600 sites of carvings, with more being discovered yearly.

With a food culture that centres around locally sourced and often organic ingredients, with a preference for seasonal eating, and a strong importance placed on embracing the great outdoors, Sweden makes for a fantastic holiday destination on many levels.

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