Delivering the very same level of expertise and insight into the working world of archaeology that you would expect from a fuller-bodied Andante Travels tour, our Bare Bones experiences are just that bit more customisable, making them ideal for the traveller with less time to spare and a desire for more independence. 

Parthenon temple

From ancient Greece and the much-talked about site of Troy, to historic Italian cities filled to the brim with master artworks and artefacts alike, enjoy an ancient-world journey for less on a Bare Bones tour.

So, what makes a Bare Bones tour different from a standard Andante Travels holiday?


  • They are shorter in duration – typically just under one week-long, rather than our full tours of 7-16 days in length.
  • You’ll stay in a centrally located hotel, which puts you in the perfect place for any independent exploration outside of the itinerary’s scheduled visits. Being in the heart of your destination also means that you’ll gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the place you’re exploring.
  • Flights and transfers are now included as part of every Bare Bones tour, but there is also flying flexibility – meaning that if you’d like to extend your tour, we can help arrange this for you. Just contact us for more details about tailoring your experience. We are more than happy to sort out pre- or post-tour extensions for you.
  • Expert guidance is still of utmost importance, even on Bare Bones tours. However, these departures are all led by local experts, rather than our usual guide lecturers. The advantage of travelling in the company of a local expert is that their unrivalled knowledge of the destination at hand offers you unique personal insight you’d struggle to find elsewhere.
  • More free time awaits. Our Bare Bones range tends to include one free afternoon plus all evenings at leisure, meaning you get to choose how you spend this time.
  • A Bare Bones tour offers dining flexibility as only daily breakfasts are included. This is ideal for the traveller who has their eye on recommended restaurants, food markets or cafés they’d like to try, as well as for people who aren’t as keen on dining as part of a group. Your local guide will also be able to suggest places to dine if you’d like a little insider knowledge on what’s good in your destination!
  • Grab the chance to travel like a local. A Bare Bones tour typically has a more personal feel, thanks to the in-depth regional knowledge possessed by your local guide. What’s more, they might take you on routes that typical tourists miss and you may also travel by local ferry or train, depending on the tour you choose.

What to expect

San Marco Square, Venice


As already mentioned, our Bare Bones tours only include daily breakfasts, so where and what you eat for both lunch and dinner will be entirely up to you. This is where our expert local guides can help to shine a delicious spotlight on the destination at hand. Being a local, they will know the cities – from the most popular or quietest place to eat, to where to sample a traditional local delicacy. So, you’re free to either ask your guide for restaurant recommendations, or you can do you own research and decide just what kind of culinary experience you’d like on your Bare Bones break – from the most basic and practical, to something a little ‘off-the-beaten-track’ or more extravagant! For added reassurance, these local guides have been personally chosen by us and, of course, they have the all-important Andante Travels seal of approval.

Palazzo Vecchio Florence

Hotels in the heart of it all

When you book a place on a Bare Bones tour, you are guaranteed to have accommodation right in the centre of your chosen destination. Why? Well, it just means that you can get the very most out of your leisure time. What could be better than strolling out of your hotel to find a historic piazza, a street lined with shops selling locally made handicrafts or an area that is home to amazing museums not on your set itinerary? Being in the very heart of a city means that you won’t have to miss a thing.


A welcome price point

Because our Bare Bones tours only include breakfasts as standard and are shorter in length, the price points are lower than a fuller-bodied Andante Travels tour. This means you’re able to embark upon an ancient-world adventure from just £599pp. Flights and transfers are included in this price, so all you’ll be left to account for are lunches and dinners, and any souvenirs you’d like to bring home. It’s likely that your Bare Bones experience will include some free time, so please feel free to bring cards or local currency if you’d like to do some further independent exploring!